Welcome to Wike Brothers’ Farm

The Wike Brothers:

In the mid 1800s Casper and Elizabeth Wike came from Baden Germany and settled in White Hollow. In the 1860s their son John bought the present farm and some of the surrounding farms to provide a livelihood for his growing family. John and his wife Mary Liner Wike had five sons, the Wike Brothers, the fourth son Edward (1879-1969) passed the farm to his daughter Helen Wike Humeston. It is through her love of nature, natural farming methods, and her commitment to open space preservation that the farm remains intact and unspoiled and will, God willing, be passed to the next generation. Helens’ son in law Hank Barlow, her daughter Donna, and grandson Ben have cleared and revived pastures, which had lain idle for nearly 30 years. They have re-seeded and are naturally fertilizing hay lands for improved production.