About the Farmers


Hank Barlow, Helen's Son-in-Law and Farm Manager

In 2002 Hank retired and began to do the tasks on his 'Honey Do List'.
This list consisted of one item 'FIX THE FARM HE HAS!


And Fix The Farm He Has.


Hank with the help of an EQUIP grant, and Ben Hoskins, his stepson, have beaten back wild rose bushes, bittersweet vine, milkweed and other invasive species and have fenced long fallow pastures and hay land.

 Now Hank's employees, 25 head of cattle, 100 chickens and 3 sows and 30 sheep their young are all working together with Hank and Ben to continue to improve the pastures and hay land. 

In fact, they are so enthusiastic about their job that we have had to use neighboring farmer's land to make enough hay to feed them in the winter.