Welcome to Wike Brothers' Farm
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Welcome To Wike Brothers' Farm

We are very proud to say that this beautiful mountain farm has been in our family for over 140 years. John E (Johan) Wike emigrated to the US from Baden, Germany with his father Casper, and brothers Casper, Levi, and sisters Helen and Caroline who had settled on a neighboring farm here in White Hollow. John E. purchased the present homestead in the 1860s. John with his wife Mary Liner raised five sons, The Wike Brothers, who took over after John E's early death in 1891.

The Wike Brothers, Frank, John L. Frederick, Edward, and Benjamin raised dairy cattle, apples and grains. Fire wood also figured as a cash crop. Wikes worked the land for about 100 years, until Edward, the last surviving brother died in 1969 at the age of 90, leaving the farm to his only surviving child Helen Wike Humeston.

Since 1969 farming has not been seen as economically viable on this small mountain farm. Hay land was leased to local farmers. Several dairy farmers rented the property, but in the last 30 years the pastures have grown up due to lack of grazing, and by 2000 wild rose bushes and bittersweet vine had all but obliterated open pasture.

The family, Helen Wike Humeston and her husband Don had continued to live in the original farmhouse. Lynn Wike Humeston and Donna Hoskins Barlow and her husband Hank Barlow were all living on the property. In 2002 Hank retired and began to do the tasks on his 'Honey Do List'. This list consisted of one item 'FIX THE FARM'. And fix the farm he has.

Hank with the help of an EQUIP grant, and Ben Hoskins, Donna's son have beaten back wild rose bushes, bittersweet vine, milkweed and other invasive species and have fenced long fallow pastures and hay land. Now Hank's employees, 50 head of cattle, 100 chickens and 4 sows and their young are all working together with Hank and Ben to continue to improve the pastures and hay land. In fact, they are so enthusiastic that we have needed to use some of the neighbors land to raise enough food for them.


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